Faith Christian School

Our Staff

Mrs. Tamara Kula
Preschool Teacher

Tamara graduated from Becker High School.  She has a two-year degree from St. Cloud Technical College.  She has been married to Todd for 24 years, and they have 2 children (Tearyane 11th Grade & Rhett 8th Grade).  They also have a dog, his name is Duster.  Tamara loves to read, she is very crafty, and she enjoys the outdoors!  Tamara is a great fit for our preschool students because she LOVES little kids!

Some of Mrs. Kula's Favorite Things:
Birthday: January 27th
Sweet Treat: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Salty Treat: Spicy Beef Jerky
Cold Beverage: Flavored Cold Coffee or Teas from Wellness Central or Central Ave Nutrition
Hot Beverage: Mocha Coffee
Food: Spicy Food & Seafood
Store: Crafts Direct & Bath & Body
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Activity: Yoga & Running
Color: Purple
Flower/Plant: Roses (any color)
Hobbies: Read & Art Projects
Scripture: Philippians 4:3
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