Faith Christian School

Our Staff

Mrs. Ashley Leach
4th & 5th Grade Teacher

Ashley Leach is a missionary with her husband Lucas. She has served the Lord in 13 countries and is passionate about reaching the lost for Jesus. She is also passionate about education and has an A.A. Degree and a B.A. Degree in English. Her hobbies include photography (Ashley Joy Photography Plus) and riding four-wheeler. They have 7-year-old twins Rachel & Ryan. They also have a large dog named Mac, a tiny dog named Hazel and a kitty named Tiger.   

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Mr. Nathan Johnson
Mrs. Tamara Kula
Preschool Teacher
Mrs. Gretchen Reineccius
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Angela Larsen
2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Ashley Leach
4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Tracy Shoemaker
Secondary Teacher
Mrs. Angela Tvedt
Secondary Teacher
Mr. Stan Thompson
Secondary Teacher
Mrs. Sarah Wolbert
Music Teacher
Nicole Butkowski
Maria Rotz
Heather Stokes