Faith Christian School


  • Tuition Costs

    Tuition Costs for the 2019-2020 school year are:

    $425.00/month - ($5,100.00) 9-12th Grade

    $277.00/month- ($3,324.00 year) - first student (Kindergarten-8th Grade)

    $222.00/month ($2,664.00/year) - each additional student (Kindergarten-8th Grade)

    $200.00 /month ($2,400 year) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - all day 

    Annual costs in addition to tuition (payable at the beginning of the school year): 

    Registraton Fee:  $100.00 (If paid April- May 15th 2019)

    Registraton Fee:  $150.00 (If paid after May 15th 2019)

    Book Fee:  $180.00 (per student)