Faith Christian School


  • Logic of English

    Logic of English (LOE) is a phonics-based reading curriculum that teaches kids how to say and spell words. It helps students understand the rules of grammar and spelling, so they don't just learn reading by sight and spelling by memorization. LOE focuses on systematically addressing the English language and eliminating many of the exceptions that can be frustrating when trying to read and write. It also teaches students cursive handwriting strokes and letters beginning in Kindergarten. In just a short time, we have seen dramatic results in students' reading ability and fluency.

  • Deep Roots Bible

    For our Elementary and Junior High Bible courses here at FCS, we use a curriculum called Deep Roots Bible. This program goes way beyond Bible stories, as a comprehensive teaching that takes two weeks on each biblical account. Students begin by looking up passages in their physical Bibles and learning from reading and often acting out the events. Then students look more closely at things like definitions, sentence structure, and word choice-- doing an inductive study, marking key words and phrases in the text. In the second week, the class discusses its application into today's life issues and how these truths play out in our Biblical worldview. We have seen much fruit from this approach and are excited to watch students continue to develop deeper roots in their understanding of God and relationship with Christ.